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What does Google Cache mean and how to recognize/identify cached pages?

Google Cache is nothing else, it's simply a full reproduction, an exact imitation, or a copy of Google (Google web archived) kept by Google itself for future use.

Google is always looking carefully at a page that has come to him and he is deciding on this version that will be kept or kept as a stump. Thus, the cached version is only what Google takes with you in order to know sooner or later if this page will correspond perfectly to our request (whether it is instant, verbal or written). At Google, the system that supports all direct queries from their datastore (server) is faster than any other server in the internet world; which gives direct access to the cached version of a page as soon as possible! This translates into the fact that all cached websites are linked according to their index and reordered as a result of their references in the indexers. Too bad we cannot every time see them after searching the internet. Unless a snapshot is indicated in the search results. Assuming a strong desire to have access to Google's cached pages in its entirety, the best way would be to wait for indexers to confidently program the operation of the actual platforms from which snapshots were taken.

This is the reason why the owners of websites put in place ideas that will allow a faster indexing, which will allow to discover their content as quickly as possible on the internet. In case of modification of the content, it will simply be reindexed. Files will be replaced as and when new. Just the information that is exactly right for the thing in question and that has been around for a short time will appear in the research results. When Google displays the cached page, a header at the top (re) lets you know that what you see is not automatically the state of the thing.

There are links that go unnoticed on some sites; which does not allow us to have information that we seek. This is what drives most website owners to request a removal of the version of their cached content on their site. These owners strongly wish that all their information on the site is visible, browsed or read and not placed in cache mode; and that Google assigns all this information a distinct brand. If the original page weighs more than 101 KB, the state of the text that has been cached will also be composed of the first 101 KB (120 KB for PDF files). Most or most of the websites have caches, except for some special features. Website owners can use a robots.txt file to inform or warn that their site is not indexed in Google and that the cache is simply removed. This may be the same case when a website is deleted and we would like to be reassured that the content has not been stored anywhere in the world. Few data mentioned on the Internet are like "dark" content or elements that are not indexed, such as the places of the meetings-debates, places where public affairs are discussed; places where credit card information is kept secret or where specific information is kept on sites for under a paywall (a system that serves to block all or part of the access to a site with the help of a payment system). Basically, every result of your search involves or implies a cached link. By pressing the mouse button on this link, you will have access to the cached version of this web page by Google.

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What does the Yahoo Cache mean and how to display cached pages?

Yahoo is still among the oldest search engines in the news, on the web. He (Yahoo) breaks the record of holding several million pages for websites; and it takes care of correctly analyzing all pages in order of arrival before giving them an index, precisely because very often, most of the data are often modified on the site overnight. With Yahoo cache, we can display pages or sites as they were when indexed by said search engine. This will help you find old articles, publications or even other information that the original site would have canceled, repealed, abolished, destroyed or even filed in the archives. The Yahoo search engine is globally recognized. Yahoo Search has assigned cached markup for HTML formats that exist today, as well as several categories of file / workbook meetings containing index cards such as PDF, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Word documents RSS / XML files and text in the most primitive state. For some supported file types, Yahoo Search has given, communicated, or evoked cached links to their search results, which makes it possible to look at these file categories in HTML in standard mode.

  1. Launch your web browser and you will access the Yahoo website. Place your mouse on the "Web" bar above the search box if it is not an active link on the Yahoo search engine's home page.
  2. Please enter search keywords or a phrase in the reserved area for search, then click on the "Search" button.
  3. You must follow the links of the results page without interruption. Then, read the text of the passage that evokes the concrete reality located under the links to specify which link leads to a site that has a capacity of information that is exactly appropriate to the object in question.
  4. Include the "cached" link under the primary link and the text to be described. Right-click the "Cached" link and click "Open in New Tab". or "Open in a new window". A new window will open and will display the old version of the archived webpage as it was noted on Yahoo cache servers.
  5. Look for information or information to the contrary, other cached versions of the Yahoo search results page.

(By the way, we will advise users not to make mistakes or mistakes when they work or they want to create a website: they are: copy the entire content of a website as if you were photocopying an original document in color or in Black and White, you have to know how to change or modify the terms, find other words that mean the same things, check all the vocabulary and grammar. It will be a little build a house! We can build a house with the Same plan but not the same things inside Google has a variety of information and everyone can find their account from anywhere in the world Google can provide everything we want. Google Cache, Yahoo and Bing are big search engines that are always available to give us everything! Nothing will be so difficult to go further. in our research, it's up to us to know how to have the right information and to know how to recommend or advise them to others).

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What is Bing cache and how to display cached pages?

Such as you have the ability to get cached pages in Bing is also the same way you will get it in Google. If there is a cache, the small arrow that you can scroll will appear. So, click on the arrow and then on "Cached page". If there is no cache, then it is clear that the arrow in question will not be displayed. In this case, do not click on the question when it appears on the Bing search page. It will suffice to look directly down: we will see a small tiny arrow, if there are dawn hides in the meantime a cache that can be arranged. If there is no search operator, do not hesitate to access the cached version in the search results provided. Just look for "url:websiteurl.com" and click on the arrow "\/" to open the page options. There is a link to display the cached version.

In addition, updating the Bing cache date is not operational for IP addresses based in Asia (including Hong Kong). Bing is used to recovering URLs that are late compared to Google. For sure, it will take time, for example, between a week and a month. In the year 2016, Bing AMP Cache gives AMP compatible web pages the chance to play the role or perform a function directly from Bing's mobile search, which helps Bing to give as many mobile experiences as possible. fast to people who use Bing. What is Wayback Machine and how do I view the archived pages?

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What is Wayback Machine and how to display archived pages?

In case you use the alternative search engine Yandex, Bing or Google, then there is another way to see the cache. In addition to the help of the Google giant, you can also see everything to see or see what just looks like a web page for a given time. Web Archive is an entity that does not aim to find the profit to share among its members, but rather an entity that makes the collection of copies or replication saved Web sites, not the same graphics, videos, etc. The main objective is to provide long-term archiving of collected documents in open access for all people using the Internet. He proceeds to the recording of the oldest reproduced websites whose domain age is more than twenty years old. The Wayback machine is manufactured to be used and referenced. In case we find a page in archiving mode and we want to reference it on its web page or in an article, then for sure / certainly even use a defined URL link that is not clear and a date specification...

Wayback Machine's site research practice is centered on a reference made in estimating, assessing the terms of hundreds of billions of links to the home page of around 350 million sites. The information provided during the search is then sorted according to the number of captures in Wayback and the number of relevant links to the home page of the site.

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There are websites that cannot be included in cache or archive because the operating robots are unaware of their actual presence during the analysis. Thus, it is quite possible that some could not be saved because they had been given maximum protection by a password, or failing that they were blocked by the meeting or collection of robots. txt or have not been able to access automated systems in one way or another. Holders of the website may nevertheless have had the opportunity to submit their websites by excluding them from the Wayback Machine.

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